Calgary Free-mo

Free-form modular railroading

Upcoming Events

Alberta Free-mo

Our annual set-up.
Free-mo modellers and guest operators welcome! See our Alberta Free-mo page for details and registration forms.


Set-up: 10 August, 2023
Running: 11 - 13 August, 2023


Agriplex, Big Valley, AB


Our 2018 “15th Anniversary 1,000 Foot Challenge” was a great success, with 1,126 feet of modules and over 60 participants!
This is the 20th Annual Meet of Alberta Free-mo - come help us beat that!

Great Edmonton Model Train Show (GETS)

Organized by the Mainline Model Railroaders Fellowship. Visit their website for details.


08 - 10 September, 2023


Millennium Place, Sherwood Park, AB

Private Events

We do run a number of Group-only Fun Runs, work sessions and other actvivites throughout the year.
If you are interested in checking them out, please for details.